When the lockdown in Canada was strict, it
was only possible to go out with your dog after 21:00. One woman went out with her husband on a leash and said to the police that he was her dog. The couple got a fine. I was inspired by this story and made a series of six textile collages, “The Lady with the Dog”. There is a female figure dressed like a lady and an almost naked male figure on each collage. The male figure has a mask of a dog. The poses and clothes contain elements of Pet-play, which is known
as a practice accepted in special clubs and private spaces. The ladies in the collages are purposefully dressed to meet societal standards of how women should be in the public eye. These include dresses from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and current times. Like many of my other works, this collage is about male and female roles in society, about restrictions and possibilities to transgress them in a playful way.

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